Coach Simon offers you a winter programme to prepare for the start of the season in 2017. 

During the winter months you will need to increase your run mileage. Increase mileage over time/session/weeks until you can run 45mins-1hr (Half Marathon/Standard Tri) or 40-50mins (10k/Sprint Tri).

Rather than ‘just run’, structure your run programme to progressively run further and faster, balancing you speed with endurance.

There are 3 basic blocks of training:

BASE: To develop fitness, strength and energy/lactate systems. Don’t be concerned with speed, just focus on time.

BUILD: To build speed and fitness, and to test your improvement. Still requires long runs for fitness, strength and energy/lactate systems. Also requires TEST to measure fitness and improvement.

RACE: This is the taper for the main race (early spring ½ marathon or 10k). No long runs and fewer sessions to allow you to recover and develop the feeling of race pace.

To allow you to recover ensure there is an EASY WEEK in each block. Use this time to focus on technique, explore new runs and run less (if ill or snowing).

Each session should be started with a warm up 2k/10mins including dynamic stretches (stretching and extension of run technique) and cool down 1k/5mins and static stretching.

Download the full training programme here

Winter run training programme (Brentwood Half plan)