Our membership is changing for 2017 – our 30th anniversary. We are introducing two types of membership – Standard and Premium. You will be able to join online and pay your membership subscriptions by direct debit or online payment.

We are asking all members to create their accounts online over the festive period between 20th and 31st December 2016. This will allow us to take a direct debit payment from your account on 15th of every calendar month.

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Join today using our online portal here

Standard Membership: £5.00/£2.50 per month

This permits members to attend specific coach-led sessions on the payment of an additional ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) fee  of £5. (N.B. some sessions, where venue hire is not an issue, will remain part of the standard membership fee, as set out below) and to participate in the four mini-series races.

Standard members will be required to pay for their chosen additional session online in advance. Coaches will take an online register and those that haven’t paid in-advance will have their account debited in the following week.

Juniors are those people under the age of age 18.

Adult monthly fee: £5
Junior monthly fee: £2.50
Adult PAYG coaching fee: £5
Junior PAYG coaching fee: £2.50

This membership type is attractive to members who will be attending less frequently.

Premium Membership: £15 per month

This permits adult members to attend coach led sessions without an additional PAYG online payment to the club, and to participate in the four mini-series races. There may on some occasions be a further payment to make for car parking or entrance into the venue. The weekly cost is the equivalent of £3.39, which is a little more than the price of a coffee. If you intend to attend 1 coach led session just once a week this is an extremely attractive proposition.


In an effort, to simplify the membership types and to adopt a fair system, we have agreed not to offer any further concessions to club committee members, officers of the club, members over the age of 60, or families. Club members who have been previously granted a complimentary membership will, of course, be honoured.

TSE’s 30th Anniversary

Excitingly, TSE reaches an important milestone in 2017, one which we wish to mark and celebrate! To begin with we will be issuing a free 30th year commerative T shirt to all those members setting up their online account by 1st January 2017. Thereafter the t-shirts will be available for sale, at a cost of £12.00.

If you would like to chat about membership, in the first instance email Andy Bourne, who will also put you in touch with our new member team, headed up by Danny Moody.

Benefits of membership

  • Free entry to the mini-series

  • Discounted membership to Triathlon England

  • Better welcoming and induction of new members

  • Ability to recompense coaches their expenses

  • Improved structured and disciplined coaching programme

  • Increased parent confidence when choosing us as a club for their children

  • Sense of belonging to a club