Club organised events for 2017


12 March 2017: TSE Mini-Series Aquathlon (Ongar)
300m swim & 7.5km run

2 April 2017: TSE Mini-Series Short Swim Triathlon (Ongar)
300m swim, 21km bike, 7.5km run
Bring a potential new member! The 2 April triathlon is also offered as a taster of what we do to someone you know who may like to join*.

23 April 2017: TSE Mini-Series Long Swim Triathlon (Ongar)
750m swim, 21km bike, 5km run

14 May 2017: TSE Mini-Series Duathlon (Redbridge Cycle Centre)
4km run, 18km bike, 4km run

Download the entry form and email it to Phil Baker

Junior Aquathlon 

8 April 2017: Cooper’s and Coburn School, Upminster


18 June 2017: Tri Sport Epping beginner try and GO TRI Aquathlon

Junior Triathlon

29 July 2017: Cooper’s and Coburn School, Upminster

TSE mob matches with EETC will be held in September and October

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